Current and Recent projects

Rick Brough


BROUGH is a solo project of mine. Olives & Optimists is the first experiment.   The musicianship is me on vocals, basses, electric and acoustic guitars, piano, wave organ & harmonica. Deon Kuhl is the man on all drums and aux percussion. And there is a LOT of aux percussion on this album!

There are also 2 guest artists. Dave Erickson and Julie Kuhl. Guitarist Dave Erickson has an amazing track with us on 'Free Range Rhythm' and Julie Kuhl sings backup on Black Olive and both acoustic guitar and backup vocal on 'Story of a Friend'.  Olives & Optimists is available on my home-page through I-Tunes, CD Baby & Amazon just to name a few.  Follow me on FaceBook!  


Fleeting Matters
Fleeting Matters is a Colorado band driven by a love of rock, jazz, the blues and having a great time. If you come to a Fleeting Matters show you will undoubtedly hear some originals, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Dave Matthews Band and other favorites.  Fleeting Matters also has bass / drum features that will excite just about anyone with a pulse. 

Check out Fleeting Matters info, gigs and video here:

Jazz Hands Foundation Band

Jazz Hands Foundation Band provides music for Non-Profit Fundraisers so the Money Raised can go where it is suppose to go. We are Musicians Giving Back to our Community!

The Barrel Riders
The Barrel Riders are a group of friends that are all Bailey residents (except me...) that make up the house band for the Aspen Peak Cellars Winery. Come by if you like good acoustic-ish music with great food and great wine. And yes! We are available for hire for other gigs!



The Dave Erickson Project 
This cool quartet hailing from Colorado struts its debut release, Pinnacle, with a great deal of energy and drive. Inspired by the Colorado mountains, the Dave Erickson Project allows us a generous look and listen at contemporary jazz their way. Smooth yet packing a powerful punch where needed; sweet yet spicy when appropriate, the album is a clear satisfier throughout.  –  Ronald Jackson, The Smooth Jazz Ride